Luke 24:1-12

What do you find the hardest to believe about Christianity?


Luke 24:1-12


The resurrection changes everything. Nothing is ever the same again. Had the story ended before this point, Jesus would have been great, doing great things, even dying on the cross. But death would have defeated him in the end. It wouldn’t have ended gloriously at all. All the hopes and dreams of all his followers would have been finished.

Instead, the women go to the tomb to anoint the body of their friend and make it as good as possible for death. They arrive and the body is not there. It’s gone. They are wondering what could possibly have happened, when they see two angels, messengers from God who say Jesus has risen – they are looking for someone alive in amongst the dead. They remind the women that this is what Jesus had said would happen. It’s amazing.

Would you believe it? The others don’t until they have seen for themselves. That is the question for you for today too – because we can’t go back in time and see with our own eyes. Do you believe it? Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead? That life wins in the end over death? The Bible tells us that if we do believe it, we also will one day rise again – we can have hope that there is more to life than what we see now.


Lord God, thank you for your amazing power, that defeats even death itself. Thank you that you reign. Thank you that we can have hope in you. Amen.


How does having hope for the future change your life?


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