Luke 22:1-38

What is the most special meal you have  ever eaten?


Luke 22:1-38


What is it that is special about this last meal that Jesus shares with his disciples? Well, firstly it is his last meal with his disciples before his death. That makes it pretty special in itself. The disciples didn’t know what lay ahead of them, but for Jesus, it must have been a moment of gathering strength for the night and day ahead. It’s unlikely that he was to eat anything else at all before he died, a whole day later.

But also, it’s a passover meal. This was about God passing over the Israelite houses when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and they were in the midst of the ten plagues. It was a celebration that God had led them through the waters of death (the crossing of the Red Sea) into new life in the Promised Land (after a bit of walking around in circles in the desert in between). It’s a meal that celebrates God’s goodness and the fact that he rescues his people. It’s interesting that the meal celebrating God’s rescue of his people was the last thing Jesus ate before he went to be the ultimate rescuer of the people on the cross.

This is why this is a meal that we mark every Sunday in church. We remember how Jesus gave his whole body for us, and his blood – the substance that brought him life, so that we could be rescued and this broken world could be made right.


Lord God, thank you for your amazing rescue plan. Thank you for Jesus, and all he gave for us. Thank you that his death was not the end of the story, but we can have life through him. Amen.


When you next eat something, reflect on the last meal Jesus had with his friends before he died. Thank him for all he gives you.


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