Luke 21

Written by the awesome Roger


Luke 21

The widow’s offering; Troubles and persecution

Jesus sees a widow making a gift offering of two mites while rich men were dropping much more into the chest in the temple treasury. The rich men can easily afford their offering while the widow is giving as much if not more than she can afford. In this chapter Jesus is spending a lot of time preaching in temple and he foretells the destruction of the temple and times of trouble to come for all Jerusalem.  Jesus is preparing his friends and us for future persecution that they and we could suffer in our lives as a result of making the decision to follow him. He tells us to stand firm against this and that we need not worry how to defend ourselves because he will be there when we need him.



Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11.

Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks. The joy of the Lord will make you strong. Nehemiah 8:10.




At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Amongst all the other things happening in our lives we remember him and what he has taught us today. Take time to think about what he means in your life today.



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