Luke 20

Written by the fantastic Roger


Luke 20


Tenants in a vineyard ; Paying tax to the Emperor

Who are these tenants in the vineyard? Are they meant to be us? Do we really behave like that? In the parable we are growing vines in someone else’s vineyard and the owner has been gone a long time. Well it does sound familiar. The people are enjoying things they have when suddenly someone arrives and reminds them that their land is only being leant to them and that in exchange they owe some dues. Rather selfishly this reasonable request is misunderstood and refused time and time again until finally the owner’s son comes to remind them whose vineyard it was and is killed.

Jesus is explaining what is about to happen to him in this story. The owner would have every reason to throw the people out for doing this but…… Jesus then talks about the cornerstone that the builders rejected and quotes from Psalm 118. The builders could be the Jewish leaders who did not believe. We are reminded that he is that most important cornerstone and salvation is found in no-one else.

The Jewish leaders tried to trick Jesus many times into saying something against them and the law they prescribed. But Jesus was not to be caught out by saying that money and tax are of this world and not the dues he is looking for however the Jewish leaders still saw him as a threat to their authority on earth.



Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests. (Luke 2:14)




Are those in authority always right? Do they always act in the right way? What might you be able to do to challenge those in authority if you believe that something is not right?


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