Luke 19

Written by the amazing Roger


Luke 19



Jesus sees Zacchaeus up a tree straining to see him and invites him down and goes into his house. Zacchaeus was a tax collector and therefore viewed in the way we might think of a “shark” money lender today. Other people felt Jesus should not be associating with someone like that but Jesus knew what was on Zac’s heart. Just a short time with Jesus convinced Zac that he should repent and make good any wrongs he had committed to other people and also give away half his wealth to charity.

The three servants.

What is going on here? Jesus tells the story of three servants who each are given a pound by their master before he leaves on a long journey. On his return they each made a different return on this pound, but the one who made the greatest return was given even more wealth and power and the one who put the pound in a safe place but obtained no interest  had it taken away?

Well Jesus was not taking about money. He was talking about spiritual wealth. So if we just put our faith away in our pocket and leave it there it cannot grow in us or shine out to others. We will receive no interest in the form of fruits of the spirit ourselves and will not be able to encourage others in their faith. That way even the faith we had will tarnish, become cold and perish. It is taken away by our own negligence.

And what about those people who don’t want Jesus as their king ? Then they have no chance of obtaining his kingdom and are lost.



May your unfailing love rest upon us O Lord, even as we put our hope in you. (Ps 33:22)




Both these stories are about our worldly goods. What did Jesus say to Zac in the first story do you think? Do you think Zac would still be a wealthy man after he had “made good” but his newly gained spiritual wealth was so much more valuable than what he gave away? What can you give away this Christmas that would help others?

Imagine you are one of the three servants. What might you do with the pound you have been given?


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