Luke 16

Written by the wonderful Roger


Luke 16


The dishonest steward; the rich man and Lazarus

So who is the dishonest steward in this parable? It would seem the man had not looked after his master’s property and was now being told he was on notice. Jesus is referring to us and how we are not looking after our world and the people in it. So what should we be doing? Jesus is saying we should use the wealth we have in this world to look after others. It is a test of our character. We should be focusing not on wealth in this world, but the next. And critically we cannot serve two masters.

The other story is about the rich man and Lazarus, who both die the same day and whose lives after death are quite different from each again – but not in the same way as in life. It is too late for the rich man to change and suddenly in realising this he wants to warn his brothers. But it is also too late for him to warn them. Jesus is saying we have been warned and if we have not, or will not, heed this warning it will already be too late for us. This is a cautionary tale, for all of us?



‘I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.’ (Ephesians 3:7)

Help me Lord to use the gifts you’ve given me to your glory. Amen




These passages tell us about a trap that we can all fall into. What can you do to avoid this trap?

So this Christmas how can you show you understand this and how might you act on this?


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