Luke 15

Tears of Uncontrollable Joy

The reading for today is LUKE 15

How often do you break down in tears of joy, overwhelmed by emotion?  I used to be rather restrained and desperate not to show my feelings; tears being a sign of weakness!   I am glad to say that is no longer the case.  But it is remarkable that we have a God who weeps; both in sadness and joy.

Jesus wept when he saw the body of Lazarus (John 11:35 – must be one of the shortest verses in The Bible)

And in Luke 19 it is recorded that: ‘As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it’ (v 41)

And here we have the story of the father overwhelmed with compassion and love when he saw his long-lost son coming home.  At the end of the day God’s mercy and love overwhelms his natural justice and that is because he realised that the only way stubborn humans could be ‘made whole’ was through the blood of his only son.  Whenever someone responds to Christ and accepts Him as their Saviour, God weeps with joy.

This why our mission to help bring folk to meet with the risen Christ is a no-brainer; why would be not want to introduce someone to such a compassionate, merciful, kind and powerful person?  More especially in a world where there is so much pain, stress and sadness.

So whether you are joyful or sad don’t be afraid to shed a tear and let people see it!  And if you know someone who has wandered far from their ‘good’ life, don’t be afraid to remind them of this great parable; God is looking out for the lost and just longs to welcome them home.

If you have time watch this video – a modern testimony from a violent criminal who recently met with God.

Dear Lord, help us to let your love shine through us as we experience both joy and sadness in our lives and the lives of our family and friends.  Let more people recognise Christians as the ones who truly weep for those who suffer, and yet not without HOPE as we we know Christ’s love will bring true joy to help resolve their worst agonies.  AMEN


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