Luke 11

Prayer – Simple and Bold

Our Reading Today is Luke 11

I am often disappointed by the lack of prayer in my daily routine; so often I am distracted by the bits and pieces of life.  But Jesus teaches us that we do not need a comprehensive prayer diary to make an impact in His presence.  The Lord’s Prayer (especially in the shortened version here) is a masterclass in brevity, simplicity and power.

Firstly we are addressing Our Father in Heaven.  This is hard to visualise, but just think that we have a God who holds all the stars in the universe in his hands and yet also designed the awesome complexity of the human brain.  And we CAN talk to Him.


In saying ‘Your Kingdom Come’ we are aligning our purpose with His.  We can ask his Holy Spirit to guide us this day to help with this mission – just simply offer up the day to God; the good, the bad and the boring!

Asking for ‘our daily bread’ may seem cheeky when we seem to gave so much food around. Of course not everyone is so lucky and perhaps we really should ask for ‘sufficient food for our needs, and that we should share more with others less fortunate’.  My wife and I have a habit of sharing a single coffee if we go to Costa – and giving the cost the ‘spare’ coffee to charity.  A tiny gesture, but better than nothing.


Focusing on our sins and asking for forgiveness has more relevance and impact on our life is we relate this to our forgiveness of those who ‘sin’ against us; perhaps making us angry at school or work, or being rude/unkind to a friend, or living a lie (pretending to be someone they are not).  As we think of of why they upset us, we only need a quick glance in the mirror of life to see we are also like this at times.  Confessing this is very liberating and others will notice the difference in our behaviour as we become less proud, judgemental and more genuine, caring.

And finally we can ask God to hold our hand as we walk through the murky waters of modern life where temptations can come upon us when we least expect it.


Is this Bold Enough for us ?

Dear Lord and Father, please help me to be bold in trusting you for the day ahead.  Please keep me on the straight and narrow and show me ways in which I can be less selfish and more open to the needs of others.  May I expect to reflect your love and make a real difference to your kingdom!  AMEN








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