Luke 9

What are the things you really need? 


Luke 9


There is something quite comforting about the disciples. They were very ordinary people, drawn from different walks of life. Some were quite impetuous – Peter for one, always ready to put his foot in it. Simon the Zealot was probably another, although we only know little about him. But I find their ordinariness quite a comfort.

Jesus sends them to go out at the start of this chapter. They are to go out and do good and powerful things in Jesus’ name. They are to heal people and drive out demons, and while they are doing that, to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of God – the time that is on it’s way when we will all live in God’s way.

What do you think you would take if you were going to do this? Lotions and potions? Money? Half the clothes you own, just in case it rains and snows and you need to sunbathe at the same time?

But they aren’t to take anything extra with them. They are just to go as they are. All they have to bring people is Jesus. It’s just them and the power of God to minister to those around them. When they come back, they report what they have seen and done to Jesus. None of them got lost, eaten by the cookie monster or didn’t eat for a week (at least, we didn’t hear that about them).

It’s not about the stuff. It’s about the message we bring – the hope, the reconciliation, the rescue from death to life. That’s what means we’ll see God work in amazing ways.


Lord God, thank you that you are enough. Thank you that you choose to work through us, despite all our fears and failings. Bring your Kingdom here. Amen.


Pray for opportunities today to speak of the Kingdom of God to others around you.


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