Luke 8

Have a listen to this song Let there be light – Hillsong  


Luke 8


We’re approaching Christmas rather fast, and all around are lights. In fact, you can even do a spot of Christmas light tourism if the mood takes you – go round spotting what the neighbours have put up. There’s a reason we put these lights up at this time of year, apart from the fact they look fun and festive – it’s because Jesus, the light of the world has come.

When a light is shining, it cannot be dark. It simply isn’t possible. It doesn’t happen. Light and dark do not exist together – as soon as the light shines, it’s no longer dark.

Jesus teaches people that you can’t light a lamp and put it under a jar (think clay here, not glass). You wouldn’t spend hours decorating your house with lights and then not switch them on – it would be totally pointless. You just wouldnt’ hide the light away.

Yet – how many of us try to hide our faith at some point or other? Rather than sticking up all the lights, putting the lamp on the stand so all can see, we try to hide it away. We don’t let Jesus in us bring light and transformation to the world around us.


Lord God, thank you that you sent Jesus to be the light of the world, shining into even the darkest places. Help me shine your light for all to see and bring light and hope to others. Amen.


How can you let your light shine today?


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