Luke 5

When were you last tired and frustrated and feeling like everything was going wrong?


Luke 5 


Picture yourself, as a fisher-person, having spent all night trying to catch fish, and nothing is biting. But you still need to clean your nets anyway, as they are manky and horrible and will stink and fall apart if you leave them. Then someone tells you that you should go out again. Can you imagine how frustrated you would feel? You’d only just finished sorting things out and cleaning yourself off, and all you want is some breakfast and your warm, cosy bed. But there is something different about this person, and for some reason, you feel compelled to go out again. So you do.

But this time it’s different. This time you catch so many fish that your precious nets can’t handle it and start to tear. Suddenly you realise just how special this person is and how you just can’t compare at all. If truth be told, you’re actually a little frightened of what he has just done – you can see he must be connected with God somehow.

Then he tells you to stop being afraid, that now it’s going to be all about people instead of fish. You have to follow. He is just so compelling. You know that it is going to change everything from now on…


Lord God, thank you that you call us, that you know us, and that you provide. Thank you that you find us in the ordinary places that we are and ask us to follow you just as we are. Amen.


How did Jesus call you to follow him?


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