Luke 4

Do you always keep your promises? 


Luke 4


Do you remember, before the elections, when the politicians set out exactly what they would do if they come to power? They told us how they would spend our money and made all sorts of promises about what life would be like if they were in charge of running the country. Then we did vote for them, and they didn’t actually do any of it.

Well, with Jesus, it’s a bit different. Obviously. He kept his promises, for one thing. For another, he is just so much better than any dodgy politician.

In this chapter, he preaches at his local synagogue in Nazareth. He found a passage from the prophet Isaiah, and said that this scripture was fulfilled here. Today. He is claiming that he has the Spirit of the Lord upon him. That he as been anointed to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim freedom to prisoners and give sight to the blind, set the oppressed free and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour. Further on in the chapter, we see these words lived out as many come to him for healing.

But the people didn’t like Jesus’ claims, and treated him worse than a politician. They tried to run him out of town. They tried to join up the dots between Jesus’ words and the fact that he had grown up in and among them – they thought they knew him too well for him to be any of the things he claimed to be. And so they missed out. They didn’t see the miracles for themselves and Jesus went elsewhere.

Are you ready to accept Jesus for who he says he is? Or are you going to miss out on seeing amazing things because you’re focussing in the wrong place?


Lord God, thank you that you keep your promises, that you sent Jesus to be our living hope. Thank you that he brings healing and freedom wherever he goes. Amen.


Who do you know who needs healing at the moment? Spend some time praying for them.


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