Mark 15:1-20

Do you ever stand up to the crowd?

Read here: Mark 15:1-20 

This passage tells us what happened moments before Jesus was led out to be crucified. He was put before Roman governor Pilate – who doesn’t really think Jesus has done anything wrong. Pilate offers the chance for Jesus to be set free, but the crowd doesn’t want to hear it. They are shouting for Jesus to be crucified – soon there will be a riot! Pilate feels pressure from the crowd, and to please the people has Jesus flogged and sent out to be killed.

Standing up to the crowd can be difficult. Especially when everyone has a different opinion from you. Have we ever been forced to do something, or not do something because of peer pressure?

Standing up for what you think is right is often more important than what people think of you. What do you do when you see someone being bullied or mocked by a crowd? Do you stand up against that crowd to defend the person, or do you pretend you don’t notice what’s going on?

How about when everyone is doing something you think is wrong? Do you join in with the crowd as it’s just easier, or do you take stand and decide not to do what everyone else does?

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to stand up to a crowd and to do the right thing. It might not be the easiest option, but Jesus never promised that our lives would be easy! Look at what happened to Jesus in this passage – if Jesus went through all that suffering in his life on Earth, we should be prepared for difficult times to come our way too! The great thing is that we always have Jesus by our side through the good and bad times. Remember that when you next feel like taking a stand for the right thing!

Dear Jesus, thank you that you went through all that suffering on my behalf. I pray that you will be with me in the difficult times, and give me courage to always stand up for what I think is right, even if the crowd things otherwise. Amen. 


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