Mark 14:43-72

Have you ever turned your back to Jesus and pretended you don’t know him?

Read: Mark 14:43-72

This is a pretty intense passage – Jesus is captured, put on trial, condemned to death (even though they don’t really have anything to charge him with), blindfolded and beaten. That’s a bad day huh? And what does his buddy Peter do? He pretends he never knew him! To make matters worse, earlier in the day Peter told Jesus he would never deny him. He changed his mind quickly! What was going on?

It says that when Jesus was arrested, Peter followed him at a distance. That’s the first problem – when we distance ourselves from Jesus it’s not easy to stand up for him when we should do.

To distance himself even further, Peter cursed and swore. When we hear bad language like this, what do we think? Do assume that person is not a Christian? What do the words you use say about you?

When we make and then break a promise we made to Jesus, it’s ok to feel disappointed with ourselves like Peter does – but remember that Jesus came to die for us, to take away all the things we do wrong, so that we can always be forgiven when we say sorry and mean it. Don’t ever distance yourself with Jesus because you think you’ve done something bad. There is NOTHING you can do that Jesus won’t forgive. He loves and cares for you no matter what you have done.

Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me and for being there for me no matter what I have done. When I feel far from you, help me to remember that you are always there. Amen 


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