Mark 14:12-42

Read here: Mark 14:12-42

Have you ever wished for the floor to swallow you up, so you could just disappear from a situation? I have many times – I particularly remember how I felt before my fifth driving test (yes fifth!) I just wanted to be anywhere else – anywhere but where I was, facing the situation I was in. There is a happy end to that story, as I did pass my drivers test that time whoop! The same happy ending cannot be said for Jesus, who goes through the same feelings of dread before he is betrayed and captured. He knows what is going to happen to him, that he will die horribly on a cross. He prays to God to take away this task from him. He wants the ground to swallow him up – to be anywhere other than where his is. But he knows that ultimately Gods will must be done, and he decides to knowingly face that future ahead of him.

By sacrificing himself on the cross he takes away all the wrong that we do, have done and will do – and that puts us right with God. He explains to his disciples during the Passover meal (the last supper in fact) that his body will be the bread, that his blood will be the wine. They don’t really understand what he means at this point. Do we understand what this means for us today? When people take communion, they are coming together to eat bread and drink wine to remember Jesus sacrifice for us. This is made so much more powerful knowing that Jesus faced this sacrifice willingly through love for each one of us.

Dear Jesus, thank you for giving your life for each one of us. Help us to remember your sacrifice and love for us, which is greater than anything we can imagine. Amen.


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