Mark 13:1-31

How good are you at waiting?

Read here: Mark 13:1-31

Some of us are better at it than others. I like to think I’m quite a patient person, but sometimes waiting for things can be frustrating. Waiting for a train that’s delayed, waiting for someone to do something they said they would, waiting for a webpage to load … it’s easy to get impatient.

How about waiting for Jesus to return? It’s a promise he has made to us, that he will one day return with great power and glory to judge the world. Do we believe that Jesus will keep that promise? How are we expected to wait for something when we have no idea when it will happen? Jesus said that we need to take heed and prepare for his return (take heed means to listen and pay attention).

Its easy to think “we’ll he’s not showed up in the last 10 years, so I don’t need to worry about being ready when it could be another 10 years or 100 years before he returns”. But Jesus wants us to prepare ourselves and be ready today, tomorrow and everyday. If we do this, we would live our lives differently wouldn’t we? We’d have more of a sense of urgency to share God’s Love with everyone, we’d probably be braver at sharing our faith with our friends and family who aren’t Christians. It would also help us to realise how material possessions are not so important – we can’t take our iPhone or gaming console to heaven with us after all.

Rather than focusing our lives on valuing objects, its far better to focus on the good we can do in this world. Helping others in need, being a good friend, loving one another…the list goes on!

You may have noticed that December will soon be upon us. It’s almost Christmas time (woohoo!) – Christmas is known as the season of giving. I would say it is also the season of preparing – preparing the food, presents and decorations – this year let’s also remember to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ return!

Dear Jesus, thank you for the promises you make to us. Help me to listen, pay attention and prepare for the day when you will return in glory. Help me to serve you better today, tomorrow and always. Amen.


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