Mark 10:17-52

Is there something you’ve been saving for ages and ages to be able to buy?


Mark 10:17-52


There have been people throughout history who have been desperate to do the right thing. There are people who try really hard to keep every single rule there ever is. They do their best in all that they do. They help old ladies cross the road and sometimes practise their “being nice face” in front of the mirror when they are alone. We meet one of these people in this chapter.

He’s a rich man, who says he has kept God’s commandments since he was a little boy. He was someone who had never murdered someone, had been faithful to his wife, hadn’t ever nicked even a penny sweet or told a lie. He’d always done the right thing. But it wasn’t enough.

The thing is, he’d outwardly done the things that made him look good. He’d outwardly kept all the laws, but inside his heart, he hadn’t been really keeping to them. He’d grown rich and kept good things for himself, when he knew that others were in need around him.

We’re not saying here that we can never have good things, or even that one person can solve all the problems of the world as it will take much more than that. But the attitude we have towards our things really shows us the state of our heart – do we love people and love God so much that if he asks us, just as Jesus asked that man, we could give our riches and good things away to others? What would you do if Jesus asked you to give away something you had saved hard for?


Lord God, thank you that you love us even when we act like we don’t really love you. Help us to be generous towards you and towards others in all that we do and all that we are. Help us to hear your voice. Amen.


Why not check out the prayer points for Tearfund here and spend some time praying through places of real need in the world.


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