Mark 9:33-10:16

Spend some time worshipping God – maybe find a worship song on Youtube and pray through the words


Mark 9:33-10:16


Jesus was revolutionary. So many times as people we chose the best things for ourselves. I remember once back in the good old days when I got pocket money from my Dad he had me and my brother there. He held out his hand to my brother first as he was older, explaining he didn’t have much change that day – there was a £1 coin and a 50p. Clearly my brother chose the £1. As I’m sure most people, let alone a 9 year old or so boy. So I ended up with the 50p. A few years later, we achieved a revolution of sorts, pointing out to Dad that other people were getting more than us and that if it went into a bank account it made you feel even more grown up. But I never forgot the choice that day. (And maybe, I might need to forgive my brother.)

Who does normally not make choices about getting the best for themselves? We all really want the best for ourselves and our friends and our families. But Jesus says that “anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” That’s a bit challenging, isn’t it?

In those days, children were considered unimportant. A bit of a hassle as they made mess and needed looking after. They were extra mouths to feed and couldn’t bring in a wage. But again, Jesus turns things around. He says that when we welcome little children we are welcoming him, and the one who sent him (God). That’s one reason why we spend lots of energy looking after children at church – they might be small, but they really matter.


Lord God, thank you that you are the God of the small things. The unexpected. Thank you that in your kingdom, the things that are small and unimportant here in this world take the first place. Thank you that in your upside down kingdom, everything that is wrong is put right. Amen.


How can you put someone else first today?


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