Mark 9:1-32

Have you ever had a spiritual high, where you believed you could never doubt God again?


Mark 9:1-32


Jesus and his disciples have a mountain top experience that was simply amazing. One minute they were climbing up and got to the top and it was just them, then the next they saw Jesus differently. Suddenly he was bright and dazzling, “whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them.” Whiter than Daz. Elijah and Moses, spiritual heroes from the past, came to join them.

Peter opens his mouth and somewhat spoils the moment by wanting to put up shelters, but what he was really wanting was to hold onto the moment for as long as possible. He wanted to camp out on the mountain top. To keep the spiritual high for as long as anyone would let him. But then they hear the voice of God, a bit like was heard at Jesus’ baptism. Then it was all over.

They trudged back down the mountain, and found the other disciples at the bottom. Suddenly they were back in to normal life. The disciples were trying to heal a boy, but couldn’t do it. Their words and actions simply weren’t enough to make the boy better and cast out his demon.

Jesus saves the day, and the demon is cast out and the boy is healed. The disciples don’t know what happened – Jesus tells them it was about prayer. People aren’t really sure what he meant by that, but it is clear that they are all disappointed. From the mountain top where everything was possible, suddenly they are back in normal life, with all it’s arguments and disappointments. They need to hold on to the memory of the mountain top to keep them going, to keep remembering who Jesus is, and that one day, all that is wrong will be put right.


Lord God, thank you for those moments when we clearly see you at work and can feel your presence. Help us to use those moments to fuel our everyday lives and remember you in amongst all the everyday things and people. Help us see your glory today. Amen. 


Why not write a list of God’s promises to remember when life is everyday and maybe not quite going right?


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