Mark 7:31-8:13

Do you ever have any doubts? 


Mark 7:31-8:13


Jesus must have had monumental amounts of patience with people. He heals someone who has been deaf and can’t really talk, and then he feeds another huge crowd – this time four thousand plus families from seven loaves and some small fish. It’s amazing. Then the Pharisees turn up and start asking to see a sign. I mean – come on people – get with the programme!

But I wonder whether sometimes I can be a little like that. I want to see things exactly for myself. I know that God has done some pretty stonking things in the past but I always want to see more. I want to be spoiled by seeing God at work. And even then I sometimes have doubts about what I’m seeing – I mean, it might look like something amazing, but is that really what’s going on? Could somehow it all be made up? Could we have got it all wrong?

There comes a moment in our lives when we have to make a leap of faith. We have to decide that we’re going to believe what we’ve seen of Jesus – from the Bible, from what we’ve seen at exciting conferences, and what we’ve heard from him when we’ve prayed. We need to remember that other people have gone before us, and there are millions of other Christians around the world. We’re not on our own in this, and we’re definitely not the only people to ever have had doubts or to be unsure. But we can’t let our doubts stop us from seeing the great things Jesus has done for us and for others.

It’s not a step we have to take with our eyes tightly shut and unsure what is going to be there – there is so much that the Bible tells us about the hope that we have in Jesus. It is a step however – maybe a leap for some – that we need to do if we want to follow Jesus for ourselves. The more we step out, the easier each step becomes.


Lord God, help me to see the signs that all point to you and all you have done for us. Help me to step out in faith today and know that it is all true. Thank you for all your faithfulness and your promises to us that we see in the Bible. Help me to see them in all I do today. Amen.


Spend some time thinking and praying through what you’ve read today and ask God where he is asking you to step out today. Take some actual steps to mark your commitment (maybe use the stairs?) and make a note of what you’ve done so you can remember when you look back.


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