Mark 6:30-56

What are you thankful for today? Why not write down a list of things and people you are blessed by and thankful for.


Mark 6:30-56 


There are some points in Jesus’ life when I am very glad I’m living 2000 years later on with proper toilets and warm houses and things just a bit easier in general. But there are some times when I would have loved to have been there – and this is one of those times. Wouldn’t you have been fascinated by exactly what happened that meant that five loaves and two fish managed to feed 5013 people plus women and children?

And I don’t mean did it actually happen, or were those there shamed by the boy who kindly donated his packed lunch that they brought out their supplies too – I’m fairly convinced that Jesus multiplied the food that was offered so that everyone was satisfied. But, more, how on earth did people respond to the miracle? Did the food appear in one moment, or did the disciples have some sort of bottomless basket that they were passing around? Why did they all have to sit in groups (or was that how they knew how many were there?) Why did they not finish what they were given – was it so much that everyone was totally stuffed?

Sometimes I think I look at my life and I think I’ve been given 5 loaves and 2 fish for doing enormous things. I feel like I don’t have enough to do what I need to. But somehow, when I look back I can see that the impossible has happened – that God has provided and made things possible that otherwise simply could not have happened.

This is a miracle Jesus shares with his disciples – he has challenged them “You give them something to eat.” Jesus does something amazing, but the disciples step out to help it happen. Is there some way God is calling you to step out today, and share in something amazing he is doing? Keep your eyes open – you might be surprised!


Lord God, thank you that you are the God who provides in amazing quantities. Thank you for all that you give us. Help us to share in all that you are doing today. Amen.


Spend some time praying for others around you who are in need that they might see God provide for them today.


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