Mark 4:35-5:20

Are there any storms in your life at the moment?


Mark 4:35-5:20


Here we have two stories that tell us about Jesus’ power. Firstly he has power over nature. He can calm the storm just by a few words – Quiet, be still. Maybe don’t try that one at home unless you like looking a bit silly. Even though the storm had been raging all around him, he was as cool as a cucumber, taking a nap on a cushion as if life were totally normal. Normal people can’t control nature. However much they might want to, or even try in some cases (yes, some people do shoot things at clouds to try to get it to rain or possibly not rain, can’t quite remember…)

But then there’s another story where there is a man who is controlled by many demons – there are things that are making him mad. He can’t live a normal life or even spend time with others without causing hurt so he lives chained in a graveyard. Not fun. Jesus calls the demons out of him, sends them into a herd of pigs and the pigs run into the lake and drown. He sort of saves Legion’s bacon in a manner of speaking (groan).

Even having Jesus in the boat doesn’t protect the disciples from the storm. Sometimes, even though we might follow Jesus we can still know storms in life. We just have to trust him in and through them. But we can know that even when we are at our most broken, just as Legion was, Jesus can still find us and bring us healing.

Legion was totally changed through meeting Jesus. Can you imagine him walking into his house after everything that had happened? He went away to tell everyone just what Jesus had done for him, and the people were amazed.


Lord God, thank you that you can bring change and transformation to us, even when we’re at our most broken. Help us to keep on trusting you today. Amen.


Who can you tell of what Jesus has done for you today?


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