Mark 4:1-34

How did you first hear about Jesus? 


Mark 4:1-34


It’s quite frustrating when you talk to people about Jesus sometimes. Some people hang on your every word, then lose interest 5 minutes later. Others have no interest at all – maybe they might say something like “that’s ok for you to believe, but it’s not for me” . But there are some who are keen and are desperate to know more.

Jesus teaches people by a lake about a man who sows seeds. He has a bit of a scattergun approach and it goes a bit all over the place. Some struggles to grow, but some grows massively and produces huge crops. And then he explains it later on to his disciples – this is what it is like to talk to people about the gospel and the Kingdom of God. Some people get it. For others it is harder.

There are many things that help us grow as Christians. One is to have roots that go down – seeking nutrients and sustenance. This is studying the Bible, learning from the word of God. This helps us when life gets tough. One is not being in a place where the thorns will stop us from growing – being away from the worries of life and desires for more and more things that can drown out the voice of God. But some people thrive.

What’s stopping you from thriving in your relationship with God?


Lord God, help us to grow more as we follow you. Help us to step out and have the courage to talk to others about all you have done for us. Help us to thrive in our relationship with you and with others around us. Amen.


What seeds can you plant today about Jesus with others around you?


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