Mark 3:20-35

How would you describe your family?


Mark 3:20-35


I wonder what it must have been like to have been watching this particular scene. Jesus is teaching in a house and there are so many people there that it must have been impossible to even eat. But then his family heard what was happening and decided that they needed to step in and do something about it – they thought he must have gone crazy. Talk about parents cramping your style – it even happened to Jesus.

The teachers of the law didn’t really like what Jesus was saying and accused him of being “The Prince of Demons”. Quite an insult really. Jesus points out the obvious – he’s in the business of driving demons out of people – the devil wouldn’t be doing that – he’d want as much evil to be taking place as possible. He’s not going to get anywhere by going up against himself. They have completely missed the point, as per usual.

Then his family turn up and try to take him away. He makes what could be considered a harsh statement to his family – but great to everyone else. Whoever does God’s will is his brother and sister and mother. When we follow Jesus we become part of his family. The walls are broken down. No one needs to be alone. It’s great news. Human families can be complex and broken and messy. But we all belong together in Christ.


Lord God, thank you that we can be part of your great family. Help us to break down walls, and live life in the way you intend. Help us to see you at work in us. Amen.


Who can you encourage today?


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