Mark 3:1-19

What would it change for you to know that you have been chosen by God?


Mark 3:1-19


Jesus’ ministry continues and people are really taking notice of what is going on. Large crowds start to follow him to the extent that he can’t even teach from the same place as there are so many around. He has to get a boat and teach from there. People are desperate for more of what they are seeing. They want the encounter and transformation and hope of new and exciting things.

It’s here that Jesus starts to be a bit more picky. He chooses 12 disciples who can be with him, so that they could learn from him and he could send them out to preach and with the authority to drive out demons. They’re a mixed bunch. Some are fishermen, one is a tax collector, one is a terrorist (effectively what a Zealot is) and one was going to betray him. They were not a perfect group, and while I’m sure there will have been lots of banter between them, things probably got a bit argumentative at other times and we all know that they made lots of mistakes.

We are all called to be disciples – that is what we are called to when we follow Jesus. We’re called to learn from him – literally, to live our lives as if Jesus himself were living in our shoes, in our schools, in our places, with our friends. We’re called to go out and tell people about the coming of the Kingdom of God, and do great things in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t mean that we’re perfect in any way – but we’re all learners and learning from him.


Lord God, thank you that you have chosen me to be your disciple. Help me to follow you closely, so I can learn from you and take the hope you bring to the places where I am and I go. Amen.


What is Jesus teaching you today?


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