Mark 2

Who do you have rooting for you in life? 


Mark 2


This is one of my favourite stories about Jesus. I love the idea that there were four friends who decided that they cared enough for their disabled friend to make a hole in someone’s roof and lower him down on his mat, just so that he could meet the man who might be able to heal him. Amazing friends.

Jesus obviously is also a hero of this story. He tells the man his sins are forgiven. This gets people a little excited and upset – after all, the only person who can forgive is the one who has been sinned against – and when we sin, we are sinning against God – so only he can forgive us. People didn’t really like the idea that Jesus was comparing himself to God here, and thought he was committing blasphemy against God.

But not only does Jesus tell the people what they are thinking, he also proves that a miracle has taken place, because he tells the man to take his mat, to get up and walk. And he does, just that. Everyone saw what happened and responded by praising God. They might not quite understand exactly what happened and how but they have seen something amazing happen. Praising God is the best response – because he is good.


Lord God, thank you that you heal and make things right. Thank you that you can forgive too and bring about restoration in our broken world. Praise you for all that you are, and all that you’ve done. Amen.


Who can you bring before Jesus today, like those four friends did?


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