Mark 1:21-45

Do you find it hard to switch off your phone and be alone?


Mark 1:21-45 


Jesus’ ministry starts with a bang. He calls his disciples, and then they go around bringing healing and wholeness to many people around. News of this miracle worker spreads around the region and the whole town gathers at the door. The thing is, most people have first hand experience of something broken or at least a bit not right in their lives. Most people want some sort of healing – or even just want to see that kind of thing in action.

But Jesus knew that he couldn’t keep giving out to the crowds if he didn’t spend some time alone with his Father in prayer. There are times when it needed to be just him and God. His ministry wasn’t a ministry that could happen without the relationship with God he had and that relationship didn’t really work unless he gave it time.

I wonder what would change in your life if you spent more time with your Heavenly Father in prayer? What would change if your relationship with God kept growing because you took the time to speak more and listen more to him? What might you then have the confidence and inspiration to go out and do in his name?

Maybe early morning isn’t your thing. It’s not really my thing to be honest. But I do try and spend time each day speaking and listening to God before I leave the house in the morning because it’s a relationship I want to keep growing and being grown by.


Lord God, help me to have the determination and the courage to devote time to you each day, to make our relationship stronger. Help me listen to you, and let you shape my life. Amen.


How can you carve some time out today, tomorrow and in the days to come to spend a few minutes at least each day with your loving, Heavenly Father?


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