Mark 1:1-20

How do you feel when your alarm goes off in the morning?


Mark 1:1-20


I’m generally pretty bad at getting out of bed in the morning. It’s usually a little bit easier if I’ve gone to bed at a reasonable time (in fact, the latest update on my phone even tells me when I should go to bed…a little bit boring really but sometimes needed). Sometimes if I’m out and about and hear a ringtone that sounds like my alarm, I’m just a little bit traumatised – let’s face it, an alarm clock can be quite traumatic when you’ve not had enough sleep.

John the Baptist was a little bit like an alarm clock. His whole job was to tell people it was time to sort themselves out, to get up and to get ready for what was to come. In his case, it wasn’t the day ahead, but the coming of the Lord. He was calling people to make everything right for Jesus to come – to get everything in their lives ready and as straight as possible, so that they wouldn’t miss him when he came.

John gave people a wake up call to the brokenness and sin in their lives and called them to change their ways. He helped them to see how much they needed a Saviour – how much they needed all that Jesus was to come and to do.

How are you doing in your life today? Have you heard an alarm going off? We are all broken people, nothing without Jesus. But he came to make all things new and right again.


Lord God, thank you that you sent John to make people aware of Jesus. Thank you that you sent Jesus to put right all that is wrong in this world. Thank you that you can forgive us for all our brokenness. Amen.


Why not take a moment to think about the past week and think about the times when you’ve done something you regret. Say sorry to God, turning away from those things and know that you’ve been forgiven.


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