Matthew 27

Such Hatred, Such Love

This passage of Scripture is in some ways too familiar, but it never ceases to shock me. I know the facts, but the details of the story are terrifying;  how could the religious leaders have so much hatred for Jesus and show not one iota of mercy?  When we look aghast at what ISIS have done recently in murdering their innocent captives, we should urge all to reflect on these events 2000 years ago.

How is it possible that one death could have changed the world?  The image of the cross stands supreme as the banner and symbol still honoured today by around 2 billion Christians.  Although there have been and still are times when this ‘banner’ is  tarnished by cruelty, war and hatred, the great truth of the sacrifice it represents overwhelms all doubts as it reveals the LOVE of God in creating a means of salvation for all mankind.

As suffering is the lot of so many, some in the mind, some in searing pain, some in sadness over the death of a loved one, some in communities ripped apart by war, it is right that Jesus suffers such a horrific death to show that His Father in heaven understands their plight.  But through His suffering comes joy, peace, comfort and FORGIVENESS with the promise of a life forever in God’s presence.

So let our prayer today be that The Cross will become more real to our friends and family and any we may know of who are suffering.  And also a prayer for Christians being persecuted for their faith, that they will hold fast to The Cross as they witness under scary pressures.

My suggestion for a brief personal meditation is in the following video; just the words of a great hymn:-  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross sung beautifully by Kathryn Scott



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