Matthew 18-19

October 19th  

Hang on to your childlike nature

Matthew 18-19

Many of you reading this will still be a child but will fast be transforming into a young adult. Whilst growing up and maturing is an important part of our natural growth and development be careful not to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’. Some of the qualities of being a child such as simplicity, innocence, openness, humility are best held onto as you pass into adulthood.

Jesus tells his disciples in today’s reading that if they don’t change and become like a child, they will never get into the kingdom of heaven. He also tells us that we should protect and nurture our children to preserve these precious childlike qualities into adult life. When we welcome a child because of Jesus we are really welcoming Jesus. On the other hand, Jesus says, if we lead children into sinful ways then it would be better for us to be thrown into the deepest part of the ocean with a heavy stone tied around our neck than to face the consequences of our action! – I think we get the message! Just in case we don’t, Jesus goes on to explain just how bad the consequences of sin are: if our hand or foot causes us to sin, it would be better for us to chop it off and throw it away! If our eye causes us to sin, it would be better for us to poke it out and get rid of it! We definitely get the message!

Jesus wants us to keep the childlike purity and innocence of our early years and not be corrupted or corrupt others. When one of us does fall away into sin Jesus regards this as like losing a sheep from his flock and he will leave the rest to come and find us and rescue us and return us safely home to his flock

Take some time if you can to reread today’s Bible reading because Jesus explains a few things:

  • How we can rescue someone we know who has fallen into sin.
  • Why we should forgive those who do wrong even when they do wrong against us.
  • Why we should not do anything to break up our marriage or anyone else’s and why we may choose not to marry.
  • Why we should not let anything in our lives become more important to us than God


Please help us to grow from children into adults without being corrupted or damaged. May we grow day by day to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly.

Thank you so much


Take a look at yourself in a mirror, but don’t look at the outside, close your eyes and look at the inside. Be thankful for all the good and beautiful things you see. Be honest about the ugly things you see and set about removing them – with God’s help.


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