Matthew 13

How do you learn things? 


Matthew 13


Jesus taught things in parables – little stories and illustrations to help people remember what he was saying and that made his teaching relevant to where they were and how they saw the world. In that time, many people lived off the land – and most knew how to grow things even if they weren’t farmers. So talking about sowing seeds and things growing was really quite relevant and normal.

However, Jesus says something else about it in this chapter. He makes it seem as if he is talking deliberately in parables so that people don’t understand him. There are a couple of reasons why this might have been – firstly, they were living in dangerous times. Open declarations about kingdoms could get a leader into seriously hot water with the Romans – Caesar was king, and no one else to their minds. But secondly, sometimes, people just do not understand, however clearly they are spoken to – they make a choice not to hear what is being said.

Sometimes people are really receptive to the message of the Gospel and to hearing more about God. Sometimes they are like the fertile soil where things grow easily. But other people are more like the path, where nothing is going to be able to grow. Or like the seeds that grow, but then get choked out by weeds.

Ultimately, we can only choose how we are going to respond to God. We can sow seeds for other people, but their response is between them and God. But don’t let other people’s response (or lack of it) get in the way between you and knowing God more.


Lord God, thank you that I can see you at work in this world. I pray that more people would open their eyes and their ears and see what you’re doing here. Amen.


Where can you sow some seeds today?


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