Matthew 12

Do you like following rules? 


Matthew 12


Jesus got into a bit of trouble here with the religious leaders. He and his disciples were walking through a field and were a bit peckish, so they started to help themselves to what was on offer. That happened to be a bit of corn, and so they grabbed it, made it ready to eat, and ate it. The thing is though, that was technically harvesting. And technically, that was against the rules of what you could do on a Sabbath day. Technically, they should have gone hungry.

The thing is though, that following God isn’t about technically. Sometimes, needs must, and life is just more important. This is proved when there is someone who needs healing in the synagogue – again, technically, it’s the wrong day. But this is, quite obviously, totally ridiculous. Who ever heard that people need to suffer more because healing needed to happen on the right day? Even the law made allowances for this, but the religious leaders had chosen to ignore that.

Looking a bit silly, the Pharisees go out and decide they need to kill Jesus. It seems a little bit of an overreaction really. But what they are really reacting to is more than just looking daft. Jesus’ actions are ones that demonstrate that he is the Messiah – and that he is God. This is blasphemy (unless it’s true – which it is). They are cross because things aren’t happening in the way they think they should – and they are missing God at work because of that.


Lord God, help us not to be like those religious Pharisees. Help us to see the people and the needs above following the rules. Help us not to miss you at work. Amen.


Who can you demonstrate the love of God to today?


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