Matthew 11

Do you ever doubt? 


Matthew 11


John the Baptist had made a name for himself by telling people they needed to sort themselves out and start to live for God because a special king was coming. His whole life has been pointing to Jesus coming. But suddenly he’s not so sure. Maybe he’s been listening to the people who thought that the Messiah would be a bit different – someone who would destroy the Romans and make Israel a contender for being a world power again. We all know that’s not what Jesus did – he wasn’t spending his time with heroes, but with ordinary people. So he sends some of his people to Jesus to ask – are you really the real deal?

Jesus isn’t cross. He just says – “look – what do you see?” They have seen amazing things happen from Jesus’ ministry – the blind seeing, the lame walking, the sick are healed and even the dead have been raised to life. They know this really – they have seen it. And it’s also what the Old Testament says about who the Messiah will be.

How easy is it to forget what we’ve seen in Jesus? We know that he’s done some amazing things, yet, we forget, and doubt him. We’re not sure that we can really trust him with what’s important.

But the best thing we can do is to look back – to see the good times and remember them. To know that God is always faithful – and that he never changes. If he was faithful yesterday, that’s going to be the same today. The only thing that might have changed is how we feel. Don’t trust your feelings over the God who created the universe!


Lord God, thank you that we can always trust in you. Thank you that you are the same, yesterday, today and forever. Help us to know that today. Amen.


Why not keep a journal of your prayers so that you can look back and see where they’ve been answered?


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