Matthew 10

Spend a few minutes worshipping God in song. 


Matthew 10


It’s just a little bit exciting. Jesus is sending out the 12 disciples to go and do the things that he’s been doing in the world. To heal people, to cast out evil spirits, and to help people see that the Kingdom of God has come near. I wonder how that made them feel.

I mean, it’s one thing to watch someone else heal people, and to do other amazing things. But it is something very different to go out and do it yourself. It must have been terrifying. Not only are these spectacular achievements, but they are something people can’t normally do. It’s the sort of thing that only God can do.

Yet, they are to go. They’re not to take lots of supplies with them, but to live by faith that people will give them beds for the night and meals along the way (and maybe do their washing too). Some people will do that, but some might not, and those people are just to be left. They’re not worth getting angry at – just shake off the dust from the sandals and move on. Some might even say “shake it off”…

How easy do you find it to live by faith like that? To trust that God is going to give you all you need as you go out to serve him? How ready are you to minister in Jesus’ name – maybe not healing people as such (although certainly possible), but letting people see Jesus through your life and work?


Lord God, give me the courage to step out in your name today. Help me see where people need to know about your coming kingdom. Inspire me to do amazing things for your kingdom. Amen.


Look around you. What can you do to minister to others today?


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