Matthew 7

When did you last go to the beach?


Matthew 7 


Sand is fun. Don’t you just love the first moment when you take off your shoes on a sandy beach and you feel the sand running between your toes? Walking on it is hard work, and you always end up with sand in your sandwiches, but those are minor details.

Apparently there are some places where sand dunes move from place to place literally overnight, in a storm, by the power of the wind. It’s not the firmest base in the world. In fact, if you have ever tried to build any architectural structures on a beach, you’ll know it isn’t as easy as it might seem at the beginning.

So someone building their house on the sand isn’t really especially sensible. It would be much better to stick it somewhere on a rock where you can dig proper foundations. Maybe it might take more time, and be hard work along the way, but what you’ll be left with will stand for a long time.

Jesus says that if you hear his words and put them into practice, let them shape your life, then you are like the sensible person who builds on the rock, not the silly one who builds on the sand. Because storms will come, the tide might come in, and being England, rain is almost definite. But if your house, your life is on a firm foundation, then it will be able to stand firm throughout even the worst storms.

The thing is, we are all battered by storms in our lives at times, some worse than others. When you have a good relationship with Jesus, when you know the wisdom and pattern of life that is one shaped by his word, then you’ll be alright. It might feel like there is rain constantly battering the windows and that occasionally it might be like the nights I spent in a tent in wind and rain in Wales where I thought the tent was going to blow away and I was debating packing up the car in the night and coming home.

Basically, do what Jesus says. It will keep you standing through the storms. Trust in him – he does know best!


Lord God, thank you for the firm foundations that you give us. Help us to keep putting your words into practice and letting them shape our lives. Amen.


How can you put some of what you’ve been reading in the Bible into practice today?


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