Matthew 3-4

Who do you respect the most? 


Matthew 3-4


There’s quite a lot that happens in these two chapters, so you might want to read them slowly a couple of times through just to make sure you get everything. It’s a bit action packed. First there’s John, who prepares the way for Jesus; helping to make sure people’s lives and hearts are in order for the coming of Jesus. Then Jesus gets baptised, then he goes and lives in the desert for 40 days and doesn’t eat during that time – understatement of the millennium comes when Matthew says “After fasting for forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.” I’m sure he was famished.

But from that moment, his ministry begins. The rest has all been preparation for this moment, when he begins to preach and calls people to follow him. He comes alongside Peter and Andrew as they are going about their lives, and just says “Come, follow me.” And they do. The same happens with James and John, who leave their father and the family business and follow Jesus.

The thing is, we are all called to follow Jesus, to be disciples, just like those four who were privileged to spend three whole years in Jesus’ company on earth. We’re called to look at our lives and see what we might need to leave behind in order to follow him.

It’s a tough message, but one of great hope, because Jesus is worth so much more than anything else in the world ever. What might he be calling you to leave behind as you follow him?


Lord God, thank you that you inspire us, and that we can follow you so closely. Thank you for Jesus and all that he was and is. Amen.


Why don’t you pray for the people who have influenced you and your life?


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