Matthew 1

How would you describe your family?


Matthew 1


It might surprise you that the New Testament starts off with a list of names. Have a look through the list. How many do you recognise?

The thing is, it’s not necessarily a list I would be proud to have on my CV. There are several people who are described in the Old Testament as people who cheated others, who failed to trust God. There are others who are prostitutes, and some of the names are of people who are direct descendants of the relationships with those prostitutes. It’s a list that mentions the exile – the way that the people were punished for their sins that was a source of shame to the people. Generally, it’s all a bit of a mess.

Matthew throws in a casual fact at the end of the list too – he says that there were fourteen generations from Abraham to David, and another 14 from David to the exile, and yet another 14 from the exile to the Messiah. There is a sort of symmetry going on, and it’s significant because the number 7 symbolised perfection and completion and this is like double perfection going on. Even through all the messiness, something bigger and more significant was going on.

God knows what he is doing. Even if your life feels messy and out of control, even if things aren’t quite as they could be, it’s all ok. He has a plan. He can still work through it. He can still use even the most broken people for his purposes. How is he going to use you today?


Lord God, thank you that you call us and you use us. Thank you that you know what it is for things to be broken and messy and not perfect. Help us to draw close to you today. Amen.


Why not spend some time praying through what God is calling you to today?


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