Revelation 22

What do you imagine heaven will be like?


Revelation 22


Here in this chapter we see something of a return to the beginning of the story – a return to Eden. But it’s better than the garden of Eden – God has taken what he made to be good at the beginning to be dazzling and to last forever more. It’s no longer a garden, but a city.

But then after that, John reminds us of a few things. Firstly he says that the words are trustworthy and true. We can believe what he writes will happen one day. We can know the hope that is described in these pages. When he heard the words from the angel, he dropped to worship, before the angel stopped him – because he wasn’t God and we should only worship God.

He also reminds us of the invitation we have to come to know Jesus for ourselves. He invites all who are thirsty to come, and take the free gift of the water of life. It’s something that Jesus invited people to do and something that also appears in the Old Testament, as words of God. In Jesus, all our needs are satisfied.

However, there is a warning that goes alongside. You shouldn’t add or take away words or parts of this prophecy (or really any of the Bible). It’s the holy word of God – it’s not just any book. We should take it seriously. (Top points for getting this far in the New Testament in a year challenge…)


Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.


What does it mean for you and your life if you believe these words as trustworthy and true?


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