Revelation 21:9-27

What is the brightest thing you have ever seen?


Revelation 21:9-27


On the new earth there is an amazing city – the new Jerusalem. The whole city shines with the brilliance of the glory of God, and the street is paved with gold. In this place, there is no temple – there is literally no need because the Lord is there and he and the Lamb (Jesus) are the temple. There is no need for a sun, because the light is provided by God’s glory. There will be no night and everything glorious will find its place there. It will be amazing.

One of the descriptions of the church in the New Testament is the bride of Christ, and it pops up again here – this time, it’s Jerusalem that is the bride – but that is the city which would be full of Christians, and a place for the gathered people of God – the literal translation of the Greek work ekklesia which means church. But don’t panic, don’t think dresses, cake and speeches, but something united together with Jesus. Something beautiful and loved. That’s what the church is.

There’s nothing much for us to do but to wait expectantly for this time to come, and celebrate and worship God for all his glory that dazzles enough to bring light and life to a whole city.


Lord God, we praise you for your glory. We praise you for all you have made and made new. We praise you because you make us beautiful and you love us. Amen.


Why not respond with worship?


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