Revelation 20

How do you like to celebrate?


Revelation 20


This is THE moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve known that God has won the battle between good and evil, but now is the moment when the devil, the deceiver, Satan (call him what you like) is defeated once and for all. He was thrown in the lake of burning sulphur, and I’m sure you’ve seen enough films to know that that isn’t going to end well.

But before that great and glorious moment comes a thousand years, when the devil has been bound up but not yet destroyed. In this period of time, those who had remained faithful throughout all the difficulties, those who hadn’t worshipped the beast or his image or had his mark put on them were given the honour and glory of reigning with Christ.

Satan is released for a short time, and tries to gather an army, but fire devours him and he is thrown into the pit. A throne descends from heaven and books appear with names in – it’s time for the judgement of all the things that have been done. There’s another book too – the book of Life, which has the names of all those who belong to God for eternity.

Jesus says that he gives the gift of eternal life to all that follow him. And when we choose to follow him, we become people who are made clean and new – he takes our sins away through his death on the cross. When we turn away from the things that separate us from God, they are washed away for good – so they don’t stay in the book.

It’s good news – not only is evil at an end forever more, but we’ve been made new by Jesus. Time to celebrate!


Lord God, thank you that you are greater than all that brings evil to our world. Thank you that you reign over all. Thank you for Jesus and that you take away all our sins. Amen.


Is there anything evil you see in the world around you that you can pray for – that hope can come?


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