Revelation 17

Revelation 17

A clue to interpret the vision

John is relating his dream. As you know when you have dreams they have a habit of being a bit mixed up. He sees many things and has tried to interpret them.  There is a long battle between good and evil and bad things do happen.

But remember what God has done for us and our ancestor believers. God has been with us all along the journey. Earlier we have learnt that mankind’s pride at Babel caused us to be scattered and given different languages and cultures, yet in his great grace God redeems this diversity and saves a people for himself from all the peoples of the world.

The multi-national and multi-ethnic family will enter the new heavens and the new earth. But first, all that God has spoken about has to be fulfilled.


Thank you father for making me alive in Christ and calling me to serve you



Who else in the bible had visions? Do you know of any saints who more recently has had visions?


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