Revelation 15

Revelation 15


The seven last plagues announced

John’s vison or dream continues highlighting the difference between what happens to those who have followed Christ who are singing the songs they have been given and are protected and those who are not and will be exposed to bad things.

In all the challenges that face the global church, this certain truth of Christ’s return and the exacting of perfect justice is the rock on which we stand. Especially in times of adversity, we remember the tender care of his saints. As we squabble with each other or our own consciences we remember the one who shed his own blood for us. When we are ridiculed, maligned, insulted or excluded by others because of our loyalty to Christ, we remember that one day we will reign with him and share in the glory of God.


Help me Lord to use the gifts you have given me to your Glory



Find out where Christians are being badly treated today. What can be done to help them do you think?


One thought on “Revelation 15

  1. I have found the recent readings in Revelation rather challenging. I have also been reading in Mark’s Gospel and here there is the story of Jesus casting out the demon from a boy; one which the disciples could not deal with. I can identify with the reality of Jesus and the boy possessed by a spirit that robbed him of speech; wrestling with evil on a micro, day-to-day level. But I find it hard to identify with the macro level revealed in Revelation. So – YES! – what happened in Galilee is true, but will the future events of Revelation really happen? Is this something I could talk about with conviction to my neighbour? I am neither excited nor fearful about the future – just take it as it comes! Day to day is challenging enough!


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