Revelation 14

Revelation 14


A new song; A ransomed people

Christ died to release us (to save us) from the things we do wrong (the sins) we commit. He paid the price (the ransom) as the price is too great for us to pay it ourselves. We are redeemed (made good) by this and become free (no longer a captive of sin and the devil). We belong to Christ.

The security of the final triumph of God’s global purposes in the world becomes clearer in this chapter.

John is telling us about a vision or dream he has had. In this chapter John hears a new song, it is coming from heaven and only those who belong to Christ can learn it. Angels appear saying that the day of Judgement has arrived and that the great city of Babylon (the bad old ways) has fallen and those who have not been redeemed will not be saved.

The triumph takes place amid much suffering, suffering that is intensified as the final end draws near. Christ has reigned ever since his resurrection and ascension but Satan’s influence remains however now Christ will return to defeat injustice and misery and triumph over Satan once and for all.



Open our eyes, Lord, to your truth and your Kingdom




Find out in which country Babylon was located.


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