Revelation 10

Do you find it easy to read the Bible? 


Revelation 10


John’s vision continues. More angels and fascinating happenings. Lots of people think some very different things about what is going on, and what all the different parts symbolise. But I think we should concentrate on the instruction to John to eat the scroll.

We’re not told exactly what’s on the scroll, but somehow it seems to be a symbol of the Word of God, and these prophecies. Scrolls probably didn’t taste particularly nice, but this one is a bit of a mixed bag. It was as sweet as honey to eat but had a nasty after effect on the stomach. Probably best to leave that one there, before we get too far in our imaginings. They didn’t have nice loos in those days.

But how often do we look through our Bibles to find the “sweet” verses? The ones that we like the sound of, the ones that comfort us when we’re down, and that remind us of all that’s good in the world. When we do that, we end up missing half the story. We miss the fact that God challenges us in his word – we’re challenged to get out and do something. Sometimes, it might not seem so nice or so fun at the time, but it is still a good thing to do. Sometimes it’s about re-orienting our lives so that they focus more on him, and moving away from the things that take us away from that.

That’s not the end of the story. John is called to go, to prophesy about these things to people all over the world (which he does). He’s not called to stay and reflect on what he has heard and seen, but to do something about it. Some of it has been harder to understand and harder to swallow, but he goes out to make as many people understand it and be able to have their lives changed through it.


Lord God, thank you that you challenge us through your word. Keep challenging us to do something about it, to help people to know you more and to have their lives transformed by your love. Amen.


Where is God calling you to go today?


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