Revelation 8

Spend some time worshipping God for all his greatness. 


Revelation 8


Can you imagine opening something and there being silence for half an hour afterwards? Apparently, at a sort of conference in Soviet Russia, Stalin once had half an hour of applause given to him because no one wanted to be the first to stop clapping because they wanted to show how much they supported him and didn’t want to die. But this one is very different. This is total silence, not even a breath. Inside the seal, according to commenters, is what will happen after the end of time. All the seals are about the church in time, this one is the church after the end of time, and Revelation is going to deal with this more later on.

After this, the trumpets are given out, incense is offered and the prayers of all the people are laid on the altar before God’s throne. No matter what you might have prayed, you can know that your prayers have been heard by God –  the smoke from them wafts before him. Amazing things start to happen as thunder and lightning blaze out in amongst earthquakes.

Prayers make a difference, no matter what. They connect us as mere people to the majesty of God. They make a difference to us as we pray them – it is totally impossible to pray for something and not be changed through the process – we start to care for the things we knew little about, we start to see the world as God sees it.


Lord God, thank you that you always hear our prayers. Thank you that despite your greatness, your wonder and your majesty, that there is still time for us to be heard. Help us to see things as you see them, and change us through the process. Amen. 


What do you want to offer to God in prayer today?


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