Revelation 2:12-29

What is the most fun you’ve ever had?


Revelation 2:12-29


There are some bad people out there. There are some people who do horrible things to other people. Sometimes those people are obvious. Sometimes, they are less so.

The church in Pergamum was in a difficult place – Jesus describes it as a place where Satan has his throne. There was sin on every street corner and they were living in a hostile place to be Christians. Yet despite this, the church remains true to his name. It’s hard, but they do it.

But even there, in a community doing it’s best to be salt and light in a dark and unsalty place, there are people going the other way. There are people encouraging others to compromise, to not give their best in all that they do. To stop following Jesus completely.
They may just be little choices. It may be the choice to go out partying and not to go to church the next day. It might be the choice to tell a white lie. To get into bed with the wrong people. To drink too much or take things – I mean, parties are ok, aren’t they? Surely it’s ok to have fun?

Yes, of course. Jesus went to parties. But there are some things that start small, and gradually before we know it, we’ve forgotten God because we’re heading in the wrong direction. We may have only made little choices, but the path has changed and now we’re going the wrong way.

Keep your eyes focussed on Jesus. Don’t let anything change that. Don’t compromise. Don’t choose the things that get in the way of your relationship with him. By all means, go to parties, have fun and let your hair down. But be salt and light in those places and don’t take your eyes off Jesus while you’re doing it.


Lord God, I’m sorry for the times when I’ve made little choices that have distracted me from your amazingness. Help me keep my eyes fixed on you today. Amen.


Is there anything you need to change to get the right perspective back – is there anything in your life that’s blocking your view of Jesus?


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