Jude 1-16

Do you ever feel that you’re going against the flow?


Jude 1-16


The other day I was walking through a park and I saw a mother trying to push a pram with 2 kids balancing on the boards on the back. She was trying to send a text message at the same time as push the pram up the hill and just to be extra helpful, the boys on the back (who were old enough to be walking themselves or even pushing the pram themselves) were leaning backwards. Eventually she had to ask them to get off as it was impossible to manoeuvre.

Have you ever tried to do something and someone has been working against you? Have you ever suggested something to have someone else shoot the idea down in flames? Do you feel like following Jesus is made so much harder by people who aren’t themselves 100% living for Jesus themselves and therefore are making dodgy choices and saying dodgy things and behaving in ways that are dodgily unloving towards other people and generally making the whole thing so much harder?

Jude is writing this letter to those who have been called and are loved in God the Father and kept for Jesus – for those seeking to live life wholly and completely for Jesus. To be Christian in all that they do, say and are. Not those being half-hearted. Not those giving 75% or even 90% to following Jesus – but 100%.

In this half of his letter, he describes the problem we all face when it feels like people are working against us and making it so much harder to follow Jesus. He says they are ungodly and they pervert the grace of God into a licence for immorality and ultimately that they deny Jesus. Tough stuff.

He calls them and us to contend for the faith that the Lord has given us. To keep on going. To keep trying to push the pram uphill. Throughout Scripture there are stories of people living 100% for God and people living 100% not for God – and often, though not always, bad things happen to those living 100% not for God, whereas God’s people get rescued.

It might not seem fair or just or right, but we must remember that we, as Christians are saved. That there will be some judgement for those who have done wrong, but that Jesus makes us clean and restores us to God. Keep your eyes on the goal, and leave behind those going the wrong way (or even better, help them to turn around and see Jesus for themselves.)


Dear Lord, please help me live 100% for you today. Help me ignore those who get in the way of that, and help them to know Jesus for themselves. Amen.


If you look back over recent days, weeks or months, where have you seen God’s faithfulness in your life?


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