3 John

How many people do you know? How many of those are you friends with?


3 John


I was once talking to a friend about creating random books of the Bible (or something) and I said “ You know, a book that doesn’t exist, like, you know, 3 John.” Oops. It does exist. I felt very embarrassed. True story.

This is a letter John wrote to someone called Gaius. John has had reports that Gaius is living out his faith in great ways, continuing to be faithful. This is what brings him the most joy – to hear that people are continuing on as Christians, no matter what is going on around them.

Turning to Christ and giving your life to him is the greatest moment of your life. Imagine the pain other believers feel when they hear that someone has turned away from that, when they see that someone is being like Diotrephes who is someone who puts himself first rather than putting God first.

We are all part of the family of God. That is something that makes even strangers become friends. It’s amazing when you can come together with other Christians from around the country and around the world and see what God is doing in and through us all. We all have something in common in Jesus. So John calls Gaius to welcome some strangers who are visiting, probably coming to proclaim the gospel where Gaius is. We might not know other people, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be potential friends with us – we just need to get to know them first.

I’ve heard lots of people talking about culling their vast numbers of Facebook friends because they are friends with 5000 people that they are only vaguely connected to and it becomes hard to keep track. But I read something where the writer asked what the problem with that is – why not be friends with anyone who wants to make that connection? Why not be hospitable like God is hospitable, and be friends with everyone. It doesn’t mean being best friends with everyone, but just being open and friendly.


Lord God, thank you that you make us to be in relationship with other people and with you. Help us to be welcoming and hospitable to others today. Amen.


How can you be friendly to someone you’re not normally friends with today?


One thought on “3 John

  1. It so sad when factions and leader’s egos undermine the Church; the outsider looking in thinks that the organisation of the Church is no different from most secular organisations, where ‘power play’ rules OK. The doesn’t seem to be the case at St Peter’s, which is a blessing.


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