2 John

What is the most encouraging thing someone has said to you?


2 John


If you want to travel fast, travel alone goes an old proverb. It’s quite easy to get impatient with those around us, to want things to move faster and just to get on with things. I know that I have so many plans for my day, and then the phone rings and I might as well tear up my to do list.

Yet, we need each other. We are designed to be in relationship with other people. Older people often die earlier than they should simply because they are lonely. We are made to have friends and connections and to be in one family. And when we know Jesus, we become part of his great family.

One of the reasons we need other people is because we can encourage each other. Have you ever had a wonderful idea, opened your mouth about it to someone only to realise it has many fatal flaws? We can help each other follow Jesus as we encourage one another with what we’re learning and what we should be doing.

And it goes without saying, we’re called to love one another, and part of that love is walking in obedience to God’s commands. You can’t love someone then do the opposite of what they ask you to do. (Unless they are asking you to do something that will damage them or other people – and God doesn’t do that…)


Lord God, thank you that you loved us first. Thank you for your amazing example of love in Jesus. Help us to love other people and encourage them as we follow you. Amen.


Who can you encourage in their faith today?


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