1 John 5

What has God been teaching you through the LIFE Bible in a Year project so far?


1 John 5


Being a Christian is all about knowing God personally in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s about knowing that God has given us eternal life through Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus, you don’t really know God.

But because of this, we have great confidence that when we ask anything of him that is in his will (so probably not to release a deadly acid over half the world) that he hears us and that we can have it. Our prayers are heard and answered. What a privilege.

But not everyone lives like this is the case. I’m sure you know people who might say they are Christians but don’t really believe this for themselves. Or maybe they are Christians on Sundays or Friday evenings but then forget about it for the rest of the week. John says that we should pray for our friends who are like this, so that God will give them life.

Sometimes it feels like prayer is a silent and easy option, a cop-out for us. After all, we don’t need to say anything to our friends and sound like we’re judging them for what they are doing (quick side note, judging other people is never good – it’s God’s job, not ours). But really, by putting them into the hands of our loving Almighty God, we are doing the best thing we can possibly do for them. Maybe it will spark a conversation about the choices you have made to keep on the right path. Maybe not. But keep praying for them anyway…


Lord God, thank you that we can know Jesus. Thank you that you give us eternal life and that you answer our prayers. Today I pray for [insert name here]. Please help them to follow the right paths to and to have the life that you offer for themselves. Amen.


Write down the names of 5 friends you want to pray for today.


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